So you want to see the world with P2P, but you need a hand from friends and family to raise the money.  P2P has partnered with Peerbackers—the latest tool to help you meet those goals.  Peerbackers allows you to harness the power of your social network (websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to raise money in an easy, organized, effective way—all on one website.

Why Peerbackers?

  • You already have a large social network online, comprised of people who'd love to support you.
  • Peerbackers accepts credit cards. No more waiting for that check in the mail.
  • If someone pledges a certain amount of money, you can "reward" them however you'd like. For instance, if someone donates $50, you can offer a night of babysitting, mow their lawn for a month, or volunteer at a local charity. Peerbackers has great ideas for other incentives.
  • Peerbackers lets others track your progress towards your goal.

So how does it work? It's simple:

  1. Create a profile online. Tell your backers about yourself and why they should fund you. Include photos and videos to help get your message across.
  2. Send emails, tweets, and posts to your friends and family straight from Peerbackers.
  3. Watch the money drop into your bank account through paypal.

Get started today! Submit your project to

Check out our webinar on Peerbackers, presented by founder Sally Outlaw.

Still have questions? Read this document.

We will be bringing you more tools as the year goes on. Get the planning worksheet to start your pay your way journey.